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Planting and serving vibrant churches across Europe’s cultural centres


The Europe Collaboration started with a shared calling to plant and serve vibrant churches in Europe’s cultural centres. A group of donors found each other and recognised they could support European church planting more effectively by working together. Their vision was to see large multiplying churches established in key cultural centres across continental Europe - a vision for vibrant communities where the gospel is once again retold with life-changing impacts.

Today, through a dynamic collaboration between donors, church planters, domain experts, and specialist ministries, the Europe Collaboration has supported the planting of 28 churches in 14 nations. Churches we believe have the potential to reset expectations of what church can be—away from a narrative of decline and into one of compelling, compassionate, and growing gospel witness.



We collaborate with donors and church planting networks to plant churches in Europe’s cultural centres.

Our unique process is:

  • Donor Initiated - Donors set criteria for the type of church plant they wish to support.

  • Research Led - Our team works with trusted referral partners to identify and assess promising church plants across multiple networks.

  • Analysis Driven - Our church plants are extensively reviewed by a panel of domain experts.

  • Donor Decided - Donors rate the final portfolio and ultimately decide where to invest.


We continue the collaboration for five years to see vibrant church plants established.

Church plants within the Europe Collaboration recieve:​

  • Long-term Funding - 5 year tapered grants to provide the foundations for a new church community.

  • In-depth Reporting - Bi-annual reports to monitor, assess, and improve the growth of the church plant.

  • Learning Communities - We regularly connect all our church planters to learn from one another. 

  • Prayer & Support - The prayer and support of Gospel Patrons, mentors, and our Team Chaplains. 


“The Europe Collaboration is making a great impact on European church planting."

Al Barth - Redeemer City to City


  • To see 100 vibrant churches planted in the cultural centres of Europe in the next decade. 

  • To build a fellowship of friends committed to long-term financing and support of vibrant churches in Europe.

  • To build a learning community committed to understanding how vibrant churches in Europe can be started, reach sustainable growth and, God willing, multiplication.

If you would like to join in, please get in touch.

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