Through a dynamic collaboration, we plant churches. Donors, church planting networks, specialist ministries and church planting teams - working together to see Europe won for Jesus.



Our calling is for the ‘ancient and the new’. We believe in the ancient truth of the Gospel—as relevant, powerful and life-changing as ever—and the contemporary expression of that truth, through church, community and faith.

We have a dream that the ‘empty Cathedrals of Europe’ will once again be filled. Those Cathedrals that once rang out with the praises of God, which were once centres of learning and culture, hospitality and refuge. This dream guides us.

And so, inspired by the ancient gospel centres that existed in days past, we find our focus in culturally important, city-centre locations; in church planting teams that are highly trained, planned and strategic; and in teams that are willing to partner and ready to receive catalytic funding. The ancient and the new.

The European Collaboration is making a major contribution to European Church Planting.
— Al Barth, Vice-President, Redeemer City to City

our process

Starting with carefully considered referrals from our domain experts (key church-planting networks and church leaders), we take prospective church plants through a four step process:

  1. Church plants are referred to the Europe Collaboration by our selected partners and an initial interview conducted. 
  2. Successful candidates are taken through an in-depth due diligence process.
  3. The portfolio is circulated to a team of advisers - experts in the field - who meet together and rate each referral against five priorities.
  4. The final portfolio, with expert comments, is circulated to donors who arrive at a final decision on which church plants to support. 

What We've Achieved

  • 12  churches planted in 2018 throughout continental Europe, with a commitment to support them for the next five years.
  • Growing partnerships with specialist ministries, who support, encourage and train our church plants to flourish.
  • A network of domain experts - church planting network leaders and large church leaders - who advise and support the Europe Collaboration research stages. 
  • An engaged and growing donor base of individuals, trusts and churches.