We are a growing collaboration of donors, church-planting networks and specialist ministries. If you are passionate about winning Europe for Jesus, then we'd love to hear from you.


Our donors come from a wide range of financial, managerial and charity backgrounds; some are individuals, others are collectives, trusts or churches. All our donors recognise the power of working together.

Between them they can afford more and risk less.

The Europe Collaboration's analytical data-driven process is fused with the relational input of our experienced domain experts. This creates a rigorous selection of ambitious and talented church planting teams and pairs these with the resources required to succeed.  

Together, our donors are passionate about winning Europe for Jesus. We meet twice a year for fellowship and to review the progress of the plants - get in touch if you'd like to join. 


Church planting networks

We currently partner with 7 church planting networks, who give their expertise to the referral process of the Collaboration.

We are looking to grow, so if you lead a European church planting network and would like your church plants to be a part of the Europe Collaboration, get in touch.  


specialised ministries 

We currently partner with 3 specialised ministries, who support our church plants with their expertise and resources.

We are looking to grow, so if you lead a ministry that is seeking to support church plants in Europe, get in touch. 

prospective Church Plants - Please note

The Europe Collaboration does not receive unsolicited requests from prospective church plants, as all projects must be referred to us through our network.