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Job Offering: Project Manager

Matthew Key

30 Nov 2023

The Europe Collaboration is seeking a 0.5 Project Manager to assist and expand our work. A strategic ministry role with flexible online working.


Job Description: Project Manager

Organisation: Europe Collaboration (a platform of Openwell LTD).

Based: Online & with European travel.

Term: 1 January– 31 December 2024 inclusive, with possibility for extension.

Hours: 0.5 (2.5 days a week).

Pay: £32k – 35k pro rata.



The Europe Collaboration (EC) has the goal of seeing 100 exemplar churches planted in the key cultural cities of Europe through a dynamic partnership of donors, church planters, referral partners and domain experts. The EC has previously raised €4.4 million to support 28 church plants from Paris to Bucharest, Aarhus to Athens, for five-year terms. We are in the process of securing additional funding for a further 6-10 church plants. This new ‘round’ of funding will be available to church plants from Summer 2024, with the bulk of the research taking place during January-June.



The Europe Collaboration (EC) is seeking a Project Manager to aid our work in identifying, vetting, and adopting vibrant church plants across Europe’s cultural centres. The Project Manager will also lead on the formation of a new “significant future church planters” conference, to be held in Oxford/London in May 2024. Finally, the Project Manager will support the EC Team, working under the direction of the Project Director, with their ongoing work of supporting church plants and communicating to donors and other partners.



1.     Round 5 Vetting and Onboarding: The Project Manager will work with the Project Director and a wide network of Referral Partners (organisations and individuals on the ground across Europe who know our vision and mandate), to identify promising church plants for our upcoming ‘Round 5’ of church planting support. Church plants will be interviewed by the Project Manager and those matching our criteria will be invited to apply for funding, which involves a rigorous application process that the Project Manager will play a full part in. The final portfolio will be presented to a board of Donors, who make the decision about which church plants to invest in. From there, the Project Manager will lead the process of onboarding the church plants onto the EC platform, financially and relationally.


2.     Significant Future Church Planters Conference: The EC is launching a new conference for significant future church planters across Europe, known internally as the “Timothy Track”. Our desire is to invite and connect with leaders who have the potential and vision to plant churches that the EC could support. In this way, we aim to create a cohort of potential EC planters that we can travel with and develop relationships and partnerships with. It is hoped this will benefit the planters, by networking them with others in similar church planters and with senior leaders who can provide mentoring and input. For the EC, we hope that these extended relationships will form a pipeline of leaders that we can fundraise and advocate for. The Project Manager will be the lead for this new conference, shaping the programming, and guest list.


3.     Round 4 Portfolio Support: Nothing helps to establish the EC more effectively than successful plants that point back to tangible ways in which the EC was helpful. On this basis, the Project Manager will be the point-person for the newly formed ‘Round 4’ cohort of 7 churches plants, launching in January 2024. This support involves devising effective feedback mechanisms, closely monitoring qualitative and quantitative progress, reminding the CPs of the wider EC vision and their role in it, and working to connect them to such resource organisations or people as may be helpful. It involves being present at key moments in the life of the CP either directly or vicariously through relevant mentors, coaches or similar.


4.     Reporting: Twice yearly the Project Manager will lead the write-up of the R4 Portfolio reports, which contains data on church growth, budgets, and vision. These will be produced in a timely manner for our donors and in coordination with the Project Director.  


5.     Communications: We wish to communicate the work of our church plants with an audience-tailored approach. The Project Manager will work with the Project Director to continue to improve and implement the communications strategy.


6.     Avid Learning: Over time the EC hopes the Holy Spirit will guide us to some of the keys for effective life-giving ministry in the European context. We remain curious and we endeavour to listen, observe, learn, distil, document, and distribute learning. We want to participate wisely in forums, conferences and symposia at the direction of the Project Director.


7.     Supporting Governance: The EC’s Steering Committee meets 4 times a year. Its aim is to keep the EC above reproach, to guide strategy, and to network in valuable resources. The Project Manager will attend, prepare for, and participate in all such meetings.


Working Pattern

The Project Manager will work 2.5 days a week, for example, Monday-Tuesday and Wednesday morning, or alternatively as 5 half days, or as a mix of these two.




-       Competent project management skills and experience.

-       Church ministry experience.

-       Excellent personal skills online and in-person.

-       Independent worker, motivated, and with a passion for the EC mission.



-       European languages and experience.

-       Church leadership experience.

-       Donor relation experience.


Next Steps

Please send a CV and brief introduction to by 20 December 2023.

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